Q: What are the requirements for obtaining an entry-level IT position with your company?

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Asked by VanTiffany Washington on May 4, 2014

Hi VanTiffany!

At TCS, we hire Software Engineers and Quality Analysts (primarliy software testers), so I think this answer will be helpful to you.

Here is a list of our requirements for these roles:

• B.S. in Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS), Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Engineering (CE), or Software Engineering (SE)
• Cumulative or major GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Knowledge of basic computer science concepts, programming, and Information Systems
• Interest and willingness to travel and relocate
• Previous experience in Java/J2EE Development, C++/C#, .NET, VB/ASP Development and Database experience is preferred

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