Q: Can you give an example of something a student or other applicant has done that really impressed you during the recruiting process?

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Asked by Jordan UCF2 on August 18, 2012

It’s always nice when an applicant has done thorough research on our organization and the position, and can translate that knowledge into intelligent questions – this is impressive from a preparatory standpoint and it helps to separate the candidate from the larger pack of interviewees. Follow up is key as well; a simple thank you note via email does the trick.

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I always like when a student shows they have made a personal connection. For example, after I’ve interviewed candidates I’ve gotten things via email like a recipe for tomato soup, pictures from a mutual travel location, or pictures of their dog because we happened to talk about that as part of our conversation. These are extreme examples, but, when they remember details of our conversation, it shows me they were engaged in the discussion and that they’re interested in getting to know our company.

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