Your Career Fair Arsenal

Posted by Cara Scharf on June 16, 2011
Your Career Fair Arsenal

Campus career fairs can be the perfect venue for meeting and schmoozing with potential employers--but they quickly become a wasted opportunity for those who show up unprepared.

We sat down with Kelly Cleary from University of Pennsylvania's College of Arts and Sciences career center for some insight on the career fair essentials every job seeker should have in tow to make the kind of first impression that lands jobs.

.    Portfolio - A professional-looking binder will help you keep resumes, business cards, pens, and notepaper organized in one convenient place.
.    Resumes - Bring enough for all of your desired employers, plus five to 10 extra. Unless you need separate resumes for different kinds of positions and employers, one version will suffice. After all, your time is better spent having quality conversations than shuffling paper.
.    Business cards - These are great for leaving behind your information-and a great impression on recruiters. Write a quick personal message on the back to help employers remember you.
.    Breath mints/floss/water - Because you'll be speaking and smiling a lot.
.    Stain stick-Prevent an embarrassing moment should a snack land somewhere other than in your mouth.
.    A small bag for "swag" - Employers typically hand out stuff to remember them by-pens, flash drives, coffee mugs, etc.-so bring a non-obtrusive bag for storage.

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