Meeting Tips from Google

Posted by The Editors on February 8, 2012
Meeting Tips from Google

The ubiquitous Google can’t get more news coverage. I’m glad to find, though, that Google produces its own content in their quarterly newsletter, Think Quarterly.

A friend passed along an article from their recent issue. Though focused on startups, even the most established companies will at some point launch a new product or service, thus going through somewhat of a start-up phase on the micro level.

Particularly interesting is Google’s take on start-up meetings. “A well-run meeting is a great thing; it empowers people to make decisions, solve problems, and share information. But badly-run meetings are a demoralizing waste of time,” says Kristen Gil, VP of Operations. I think we can all agree.

Here’s how Google suggests we make these meet-ups effective:

1. Every meeting should have a designated decision-maker.
2. Meetings should have no more than 10 people.
3. If someone has no input to give, maybe they shouldn’t attend.
4. Everyone must arrive on time.

Now, if only we could all agree.

For more on how to run an effective meeting, check out my fellow blogger Liz’s blog post.

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