Green Your Degree

Posted by Liz Seasholtz on June 16, 2011
Green Your Degree

If you're applying to grad school this spring, you might want to consider a program that will prepare you for a green-collar career. Job growth in the sustainable sectors and students' growing desire to "do good" have led many universities to add green twists to traditional graduate programs. Consider the following fields of green.

Schools such as the University of Oregon School of Law and Lewis & Clark Law School offer programs that teach earth-friendly law practices, such as environmental justice and animal law. Environmental law grads work in private practices, public interest, the government, or corporate America.

Master's in Sustainable Design
Courses in green material and eco-friendly construction practices prepare students for a career as a LEED-certified architect. Columbia College Chicago, Philadelphia University, Carnegie Mellon University, and University of Texas are a handful of the many universities that offer master's degrees in the field.

Master's in Environmental Journalism
Many journalism programs are adopting an optional environmental concentration. Columbia University, University of Colorado, and Michigan State University are some top schools offering degrees for journalists who want to inform the public about discoveries, insights, and controversies in earth and environmental sciences.

Engineering Sustainable Systems
Students learn to protect, restore, and create systems that are socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable. Villanova University, Arizona State University, and Appalachian State University all offer master's in sustainable engineering. Tracks of study may include alternative and renewable energy, watershed sustainability, environmental sustainability, and sustainable infrastructure. 

Sustainable Agriculture Master's and PhD
This degree focuses on components like landscape and watershed management, food security, as well as crop and livestock production and protection. Iowa State University and Aquinas College offer both a master's of science or PhD in sustainable agriculture.

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