Dropping Bombs: Cursing in an Interview

Posted by Liz Seasholtz on September 19, 2011
Dropping Bombs: Cursing in an Interview

You’re halfway through an interview and everything is going well: You nailed the “biggest weakness” question, the recruiter seems impressed with your portfolio, and you’ve bonded over your mutual March Madness obsession. You’re so comfortable, in fact, that you forget you’re not on the campus green and let an expletive slip out.

Now what?

First, don’t pretend it didn’t happen. Your interviewer may not have blinked, but make no mistake, she caught it. Second, no matter if it’s “hell” or the f-bomb, you need to apologize immediately. Recruiters agree that unapologetic swearing shows a lack of judgment and speaks to how professional a candidate will be with clients.

Once you’ve apologized for your colorful language, gain composure and
finish your response. People make mistakes all the time, but they show their true nature by how gracefully they recover.

Just don’t let that $h*t happen again!

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