4 Signs That You May Be an Entrepreneur at Heart

Posted by The Editors on May 1, 2012
4 Signs That You May Be an Entrepreneur at Heart

My boss told me the other day that I have a head for business. She also mentioned how she gets the idea that I had probably never even fathomed the thought before.

She’s right.

I didn’t know I had a head for business until AFTER college. Believe me, if I had known I probably would have majored in something else (although I do love English!)

But sometimes life works out that way. It’s not until we’re put in a situation (in my case six months of unemployment) that we realize our potential.

And it’s not really our faults either. I mean, we’re conditioned most of our lives to believe that we have to work for someone else or some big ass corporation. The 401k is a sign of professional success. Health insurance is damn near impossible to afford if your employer isn’t helping (not necessarily true although a major pain in the ass). The corner office is our ultimate professional goal.

That’s all fine and dandy, but some of us find ourselves thinking, “Ok, and then what? What comes after the corner office? Is that it?

Some of us have a drive for more and you might too. Below you’ll find a few signs that you may be an entrepreneur at heart.

1. The thought of spending 8 hours a day in a cubicle makes you cringe (and you actually try to do something about it).
This applies to more than just entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurs seem to be the only ones who ever even try to do something about it. Maybe you make jewelry on the side, maybe you enjoy blogging, maybe you have dreams of teaching yoga. Whatever the case may be, entrepreneurs always have ideas of how to achieve life OUTSIDE of the cubicle. And little by little, the entrepreneurial spirit works toward these goals on the side of their day job. Some may even be doing this and not even realize it.

2. You find yourself possessing crazy energy, drive and motivation when working on a project.
Entrepreneurs get excited about their work. Maybe you don’t necessarily have the “work” part yet, but you do have something that excites you. Something that quite possibly could help you create a living if looked at from a different perspective.

3. You have a natural inclination toward bettering the business.
This is something you’ll notice at your job. The entrepreneurial spirit is the one with the ideas on how to land more clients and customers. It’s the spirit that has ideas on how to market or better the processes of the current structure. Most of all, this stuff actually interests you!

4. You’re willing to make some sacrifices.
Entrepreneurship comes with sacrifice…especially at first. The entrepreneurial spirit understands that some sacrifice now will benefit them later on as they build their career. If you have a good understanding of this and know what it takes then you may just be an entrepreneur at heart!

About the author: Amanda Abella is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Miami, Florida. Her day job consists of interviewing job candidates for a small employment agency while she moonlights as a personal development junkie. When she's not at work or at her local yoga studio you can find her running the popular Gen Y blog Grad Meets World or writing copy and blog posts for clients. Her mission is to help Gen Y see the potential that they have while providing practical tips and resources to help them create their post-grad lives.

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