What's the Point? When to List Your GPA On Your Resume

A GPA is a risky addition to any resume. Make sure you know when it's in your best interest to list.

Listen Up: How to Use Your Ears in a Job Interview

Be an active listener during your interview by using the following four tips.

The Graduation Bucket List

We all have our own versions of the Bucket List, but here are 50 suggestions that should be on yours before you graduate.

Rise and Shine: How to be Effective at Work

For college grads entering the workforce, it's crucial to be sharp and alert to be effective on the job. But first you need to get your beauty sleep.

Tasting Success: Careers in Restaurant Consulting

From funding and food costs to flavors and forks, restaurant consultants have an appetite for it all.

Should You Use Facebook as a Job-Seeking Tool?

To debate the risks and rewards of using Facebook as a job-seeking tool, one WetFeet editor and Dan Schawbel, author of Me 2.0 and founder of Millennial Branding, sat down ...

On The Hunt: How To Spot a Job Using Twitter

Twitter can be used as a powerful career tool, but before you begin tweeting up a storm, make sure you're up to date on Twitter etiquette.

Can Coffee Predict The Type of Coworker You Are?

Find out what your morning brew says about you as a coworker.

Flex Times: The 2012 Job Market Report

The job outlook for 2012 is much brighter than recent years-especially if you're willing to be a bit flexible.

Starting Up a Longboard Company

The founder of Nelson Longboards needed transportation. Now he has a company.

Are You Ready For a Career Change?

Thinking of making a career change? Consider these five aspects first before taking the plunge.

7 Tips to Streamline Your Resume Lingo

Here's how to use language effectively in your resume and get the call back.

How To Identify a Shady Internship

Some positions that might look like internships are really just part-time temp jobs available to almost anyone. Use these nine tips if you're having any doubts.

3 Things Employers Look For in an Interview

Interviewers are hoping to explore a few basic areas. Confirm what they are already predisposed to believe: that hiring you is a wise move.

12 Places to Find Internships

You don't need a search party to find the perfect internship. Take advantage of the resources you already have at your fingertips to increase your options.

How to Disclose Salary Requirements in a Cover Letter

Don't let disclosing salary requirements in a cover letter give you anxiety. State a fair and accurate salary using the following tips.

Resume Hurdles: Handling Rejection at Career Fairs

Worried job recruiters won't accept your resume at the next career fair? Prepare to follow up with the following items just in case.

Writing a Thank You Letter the Right Way

It might not matter what form the message is in just as long as the message is well written and cleverly thought out.

What Your Language Really Says in a Job Interview

In a job interview, the shortest words can say a lot. Be aware of what you're saying and how you can say it better.

How Recruiters Use Your Emotional IQ in an Interview

Good grades and technical skills are important, but recruiters want to see that you're emotionally fit, too.

Your Resume as Thanksgiving Dinner

Here's how each item on your Turkey Day plate corresponds to a fulfilling resume.

How To Deal With Office Politics

Don't let office politics scare you. Instead, use them to your advantage with these 13 savvy tips for campaigning your way to the top.

Supplying Containers for Global Health and Wellness

The founders of the G3Box turn shipping containers into medical clinics.

How To Prepare Before the Career Fair

To fully know what it is that you want to achieve at a job fair, there are a four steps you should take before making an entrance.

How to Dress For Career Fairs

Don't let the casual setting keep you from dressing your best at the next career fair. Follow these tips to make sure you're looking professional.

Ace Your Accounting Interview

Ten interview tips to help you get the accounting job you want.

Salary Negotiations in the Interview

You've landed an interview and salary is already on your mind. Here are a few tips to help you get the salary you want through the interview process.

How to Avoid Bringing Salary Up Too Soon in a Job Interview

The key to your salary negotiation strategy is keeping your desired salary under wraps until further along in the job interview process. Find out how.

Cultivate Your Contacts

Don't just toss gathered business cards into your drawer. Here's how to follow up and grow your network.

Do I Need a Business Card?

Even if you don't have a full-time position, a business card shows that you take your career seriously and will help you stand out from the competition.

5 Steps to Acing an Informational Interview

Fundamentally, an informational interview is an information gathering session. The goal is simple: discover what someone does.

Dropping Bombs: Cursing in an Interview

So you let a curse slip in your interview and now your desperately trying to gain back your composure. Here are some tips to gracefully recover.

Defining Business Casual

Fast guidelines for putting together a decent, respectable business-casual outfit. Follow these tips and you'll be sure to avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Why Your Resume Got Tossed

Top-level recruiters reveal how candidates blow their chance to get a foot in the door.

The Dark Side: How to Avoid Becoming a Serial Intern

A worthy internship-one that will help you develop useful skills and gain substantial experience-awaits those who know what to watch out for.

Border Crossing: Landing an Internship Abroad

The good news for you and your career is that completing an internship abroad has incredible built-in rewards.

How to Launch a Gaming Company

Learn how Josh Shabtai took his love for designing video games and turned it into a successful company.

Bad Reputation: Exploring Millennial Stereotypes

People have always stereotyped, ridiculed, even tried to marginalize, younger generations. And whether these generalizations are true is irrelevant.

Breaking the Rules of Interview Dress Code

Although your black suit will never go out of style, sometimes it is acceptable to stray from the norm and customize your outfit

Defining Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Advice on how to answer the dependable, go-to interview question: What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses

Five Tips for Succeeding as a Young Entrepreneur

A personal branding expert shares his advice for making it as an entrepreneur

Gain Confidence in Yourself

Many people out there are incapable of finding a job and a pathway to successful living and it may be because they lack confidence

6 Qualities of a Successful Sales Pitch

Even if you're not in sales, you can benefit by learning the following qualities of a successful sales pitch

Brand Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

The following attributes will help you understand what qualities can help you win the entrepreneurship game

Build Your Brand at Business School

How to define your personal brand in b-school

The Key To Stress Interviews: Don't Stress!

Regardless of the questions asked and the tactics employed by an interviewer, it is important to stay calm and collected during those high-stress interviews

Things You Should Know About I-Banking Interviews

Personal experiences and strategies to help get you through I-Banking interviews

Handling Technical Questions in an I-Banking Interview

Helpful rules and responses to guide you through your I-Banking interview

Do Your Homework: I-Banking Interview Prep

Follow the Seven-Step Homework Guide to help you stay on top of your game

Grilling Your Interviewer (and Getting Grilled Back)

It's important to arrive at an interview prepared with questions specific to the company

Useful Courses 101

As the final deadline for add/drop looms, you might want to consider some courses that might not fulfill requirements, but can prove valuable once you land that first - or...

Getting into Gaming

Scoring a position in this growing field requires more than a couch-based education and passion for playing

Interview 101

Practical advice on how to make sure you'll be a candidate interviewers can't resist

How To Make Yourself Look Good. Real Good.

Three ways to make yourself look good and beat out the competition

Steps To Take If You Think You Might Get Laid Off

Seven steps to take if you think the next pink slip may be yours

How to Survive a Relocation

The process of researching and securing a trustworthy mover gets easier with these pointers

Skills: Your Key to Success in the Workplace

If a job change is in your near future, one of the best ways to begin the process is by evaluating your skills

Finding Your Path in the Career Maze

Following your instincts and staying flexible can lead you to career success

Feeling Stuck? Five Bad Habits to Avoid

Five of the most common behaviors that hold us back from living how we really want to live

How to Build Bargaining Power to Increase Your Pay

Build bargaining power by smartly positioning yourself for the position and smartly negotiating for your compensation package

Ten Questions You Should Never be Asked in an Interview

Here are some questions that should raise red flags during an interview

Ten Executives Discuss What They're Looking for When They Interview Candidates

Insight into the various philosophies and approaches used by interviewers

Spinning the Negatives in an Interview

Examples of negatives and how to deal with them when brought up in an interview or negotiation

Nine Things You Should Never Say in an Interview

Being unprepared for an interview can lead to some serious slip ups

Gear Up for Fall Recruiting

Taking advantage of on-campus recruiting is a great way to make sure you get the best possible start to your job hunt

How to Conquer Pre-Interview Jitters

4 tips to calm your nerves before that big interview

Deliver a Perfect Electronic Resume

Eight resume rules to help score interviews and influence recruiters

Relieving Workplace Stress

Five tips to figure out ways to improve your quality of life

How to Leave a Job with Class Once You Know It's Over

Recognizing the signs and responding appropriately will preserve your sanity and finances

What Does It Take to Be an Entrepreneur?

The inside scoop on what you need to create a winning company

Senior Year Checklist

Find time during your senior year to do these 11 things, and you'll be on your way to smoothly adjusting to the working world before you even turn your tassel.

Diving In MBA Style: The First Week on the Job

Advice to help you learn your surroundings in and around the office

Buss Stop: The Business Kiss on the Cheek

Understanding the appropriate greeting for the appropriate profession

Layoff Worries? Five Conversations You Should Have

For those who really want to secure their careers, or at least prepare appropriately for what may come, five simple and straightforward conversations can substantially incr...

Is Your Job Doomed?

Keep these ideas in mind when trying to steer your job away from a pink slip

Who's Hiring Now: America's Most-Wanted Workers

Industries still adding jobs despite a rising national unemployment rate

CSR: What is it, Anyway?

Every company has its own way of pursuing CSR goals, generally dedicating its resources to those areas that are most relevant to the business

Business Ethics 101

On the horizon is a newfound emphasis on ethical business and regulatory accounting practices and some schools are already ahead of the curve

Landing a CSR Job

Special considerations come into play as hiring managers scope out your potential

Government Jobs: Why They're Hot Right Now

An increasing number of job seekers are viewing the government as a smart career choice, not only for the security it provides in a weakened economy but for other compellin...

Why Not Temp?

An expert college career advisor shares her tips for being a tactically minded temp

Be Able to Introduce Yourself

A successful answer combines preparation and presentation-it's not just about what you say, but how you say it

The Three Main Reasons a Job Doesn't Work Out

Avoid potential problems by assessing the job before accepting it

Resumes: Why Have Just One?

There is no limit to the ways people present their skills and background

Sabbaticals and Leaves of Absences

If you're itching to explore something new, see if your employer has a policy for people who want to take time off

e-Etiquette: Writing Tactful Emails

Five tips for writing successful application emails

Doing Good

If you're someone with a soft spot for volunteering, fulltime service programs offer an opportunity to capitalize on your passion to do good while building up your resume

Renewable Energy Powers Job Growth

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which focuses heavily on renewable energy, gives the industry unique job growth potential in a dismal market

How to Ask For (and Get) More Money During a Recession

Consider some of these tips for securing that rare recession-era raise

The Unemployment Playbook: Stay Relevant

Use your free time to shape up for when hiring picks up

Sharpen Your International IQ

Check out our tips to get your international IQ into shape

Mind the Gap: How to Handle Holes in your Work History

Ways to respond to an employers concerns and assure them that you are committed to your career and the position

The 411 on Informational Interviews

No matter where you are in your job search, you won't regret adding the informational interview to your bag of tricks

Conquering the Career Fair

Career fairs are a golden opportunity to meet receptive recruiters face to face, gather a ton of information in a short time, and line up some interviews

Decoding Office Lingo

If you thought everyone in the corporate world spoke your language, think again

Acing Performance Reviews

Although bureaucratic in nature, the performance review is often the key to getting promoted. Here's how to take advantage of your's.

The "Unofficial" Promotion

Here are some suggestions for handling some of the more mystifying scenarios of why you're not getting promoted

Too Good for the Job? Overcome Being Overqualified

Being labeled as "overqualified" is a problem that job seekers can face at any point in their career. Here's how to overcome the label.

The Unemployment Playbook: Rejection Rehab

Consider the following tips for not only dealing with rejection, but using it to enhance your job search and snag that desired position

Accepting a Job Offer? Ask These 10 Questions First

Insight on the most important questions to ask when you're accepting a job offer

The Dos and Don'ts of I-Banking Interviews

Tips on the I-Banking interview process

The Career Fair Encore

The career fair is over--but that doesn't mean your work is finished

5 Ways to Start Networking Conversations

Your success depends on your ability to become a brilliant conversationalist--here's how to be one

What to Consider When Choosing a First Job

A thousand-mile journey starts with the first step. Here's how to plan your career.

Interning: Preparing for a Smooth Transition

Expert advice about how to prepare for a smooth transition to the (interning) workforce

Tips on Presentations

Have a final presentation coming up for your internship? Don't sweat it--follow these tips

The Dos and Don'ts of Temping

Consider the following dos and don'ts for choosing an agency that will find you work that meets your needs

Making the Move

Relocation has become more of a necessity than an option for job seekers. Here's what to consider before agreeing to relocate for a job.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

To prepare for this go-to question in the interviewer arsenal, you need to think about potential responses way before stepping foot in the recruiter's office

Your Career Fair Arsenal

Insight on the career fair essentials every job seeker should have in tow to make the kind of first impression that lands jobs

Your Resume Checklist

Armed with the following checklist, you can learn to make the most of your one-page pitch and enter the running for the positions you want

Strike a Work-Life Balance

In the past 20 years, "work-life balance" has emerged as an HR buzzword. Here's what it means for entry-level employees.

A Good Investment: Careers in Socially Responsible Investing

Learn about SRI Careers, which mix money with morals by focusing on investing in companies that adhere to ethical business practices.

Career Remedy: Where the Jobs Are in Health Care

Here are five rapidly growing health care occupations that don't require an M.D.

Get Fit: What it Means to be a 'Cultural Fit' for a Job

Though fit may be an exasperating concept, employers indicate it's a huge part of hiring decisions

Why Words Matter

In an interview, words matter--not only the words you choose but also how you put them together

The Closing Statement of an Interview

Make the final words of your interview count

Reference Check

Take our advice on who, when, and what to ask when securing references, and you'll be hearing "welcome aboard" in no time

Watch Your Step! Gender Stereotypes at Work

We assembled a panel of female executives, career experts, and yes, even a man, to deconstruct six stereotypes that challenge women in the office

Don't Get Rattled: Adapting to Workplace Changes

As employers implement cost-cutting efforts to compensate for revenue slumps, employees are facing a multitude of workplace changes. Here's how to deal.

How to Make Your Holiday Party Pay

Make the best of of the holiday season by turning parties into networking opportunities

Managing your Manager

Throughout your career, you'll probably encounter bosses whose personalities clash with yours, or whose management and people skills are virtually non-existent

7 Career Resolutions

Don't let your career resolutions fizzle with the use of your gym membership.

Do Your Homework

A common complaint among recruiters is that too many job candidates come to an interview without much knowledge about the employer and position

Green Your Degree

If you're applying to grad school this spring, you might want to consider a program that will prepare you for a green-collar career.

Big Meany: How to Deal with a Rude Interviewer

You may think you're perfectly prepared for your big job interview

Using LinkedIn to Reel In Recruiters

How to use LinkedIn to hook recruiters

How to Make the Best Decisions for Your Career

By being more process-oriented when it comes to making important career decisions, you can really get ahead

Interview Protocol Police

Protocol, etiquette, or just plain good manners are pivotal to conducting business with confidence and flair

Rise of the Robots: Careers in Robotics

The Terminator and Optimus Prime may be a couple of Hollywood A-listers, but robots play just as big of a role beyond the silver screen. And they don't build themselves--yet

Winter Break Checklist

Use this calendar to plot out some goals to meet before the spring semester sneaks up on you.

Tailoring Resumes and Cover Letters to Fit Employers

The key to creating killer cover letters and resumes is understanding what they really are and how they should be used in a successful job search

Following Up after an Informational Interview

Sending a thank you note shows interviewers you are seriously interested in the position and appreciate their time

How to Seize Control of Your Next Interview

Remaining calm, cool, and collected can save you from an interview nightmare

After the Pink Slip

What to do after you've been laid off and receive an offer for a severence package

Negotiating Your Salary

It takes finesse and negotiating know-how to get the best possible pay and perks

Avoiding Career Burnout

Early warning signs of a career burnout

Hairy Decisions: Appropriate Facial Hair for Work

Guidelines to help you decide what kind of facial hair-if any-will suit you on the job.

Extinguish your Thirst: A Brewery Tale

Hook & Ladder, a brewery started by Rich Fleischer, delivers a dose of the warm-and-fuzzies

Fashion Forward: Creating the Ideal Men's Shirt

Zachary Prell left behind the fast-moving world of startups to launch his own business making high-end shirts tailor-made for athletically built urban professionals

Women Taking Charge

As women have gained career recognition and advancement, they have become far more like men but the double standard still remains

Riding the Green Wave

There are opportunities for a green career in virtually every industry and every function

Ch-ch-ch-changes: How to Make a Career Transformation

Downturns may create all sorts of job possibilities for downsizing victims willing to think broadly and creatively

10 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers

Mistakes women make on the job that sabotage their career success

Taking Time Off from Work

Taking time off should not be a hastily made decision but knowing your company's policies can help in the process

The Four P's of Career Satisfaction

Before embarking on the job hunt, it's crucial to be honest with yourself about your skills and interests

Taming Your Online Presence

Before posting evidence of your craziest summer moments on Facebook, it's important to consider the effect exposing your private life could have on your job search

The Interview Reversal

Asking your interviewer questions is an imperative part of the interviewing process

Better Letters: Grammar Girl Shows You How

Four common mistakes made in executive letters, emails, and presentations

Busy Work: How to Manage a Heavy Workload

Three declarations to keep in mind if you're feeling too busy at work

The Event Planning Guru

Marley Majcher decided to transform her Pasadena catering business into a one-stop-shop event planning service for high rollers

Alpha Force: How to Be a Strong Leader

If you want to acquire power, hang on to it, and get results, you have to shed that soft-shelled leadership style for something more steel-belted

Interview Disaster Relief

You can save your skin (in most cases) with these pointers if you feel the interview is heading south

Show Your Stripes

Peter Shankman, CEO of the New York-based PR firm The Geek Factory, tells the importance on knowing your stuff on the job

Take Your Business Abroad

Four pieces of advice that often get lost in translation when going overseas

Meet the Press: A Lesson in Public Speaking

Becoming an expert in press relations can lead to career success

You Think, Not GroupThink

If you blindly choose a path that may not be in your best interest, you're giving in to the focus group mentality

Nail It!

Top recruiters, career consultants, and shrinks offer tips and subtle tricks to win over the interview

Sizing Up Your Interviewer in 60 Seconds

The four most common types of interviewers and how to position yourself for each one

Why Some U.S. Companies Don't Want to Hire International MBAs, and Others Do

Reasons why companies will or will not hire international applicants

The Intern Queen Extends Her Media Empire

Advice straight from the Intern Queen about how to make the most of an internship

Murder Most Fowl: Innovation Killers

Tips for making sure that your biggest, smartest ideas survive and thrive

MBA Orientation Survival Guide

Four tips to help you get through orientation

Big Brother, Your Boss

Email-monitoring software enables companies to oversee their company email accounts that could land employees in hot water

I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

Nine tips on getting the right ammo for internship hunting

How to Launch an Arts Magazine

Debony Burrowes, creator of her own arts magazine, stresses that flexibility is key to running her magazine


Keats Elliot's love of photography and business led her to create Shootsac, a line of fashion-forward lens bags

Follow Up After A Meeting: The Thank You Note

A simple model to form your thank you note

Interview Detours

Stories from interviewers and career experts who have seen interviews take bizarre turns

Handling a Turn-Down

Steps you can take after being turned down

Campus Recruiting and Interviewing

There are many filters to pass through before you receive a job offer

Make A Career Change For The Better

Five networking strategies that can help you take the leap and make a soft landing into your new career

Venture Out On Your Own

Five networking considerations of which those who want to strike out on their own should be especially mindful

Alternative Roads Into I-Banking

A career in I-Banking is possible for just about anyone

The Airplane Test

You could look good on paper but it won't matter if you can't pass the plane test

What's the Deal with Pre-Professional Programs?

So what's the point of picking up a pre-professional program? We've laid out the specifics of the three most popular.

Wow 'Em in a Week

WetFeet's six-day program to help you hit the ground running during your first week on the job

Common Job Search Misconceptions

Quite a few misconceptions seem to be floating around out there; WetFeet would like to explode some of them and, we hope, ease your pain.

6 Classic Email Faux Pas, And How to Recover

Email mishaps are bound to happen, so knowing how to recover in a way that proves your professionalism is essential

Teacher's Pet: Networking With Professors

5 ways to network with professors...without resorting to shameless apple-polishing

Watch Your Mouth: What Not to Say in an Interview

Everybody trips over a few words or flubs an answer now and again during an interview, but there are some things you should never say

The Perfect Form: Your Interview Body Language

An interviewee's body language-how he crosses his legs or sits in the chair-can actually make more of an impression on the interviewer than what they say

Warming Up: 6 Tips for the First 2 Minutes of an Interview

Our advice on how to get your interview off to the right start

How to Build Your Personal Brand

What is a personal brand and what can it do for you?

Frisky Business: Handling an Office Romance

7 stories of professionals who followed their hearts, only to find themselves in surprising places and compromising positions

Career Fair Do's and Don'ts

Good preparation before a career fair can go a long way toward getting more out of one, but it isn't likely to get you a job

Fitting In and Succeeding with a Disability at Work

It would be nice if once you had succeeded in getting hired, you no longer had to worry about the way your disability impacts your work. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

Disclosing Your Disability in an Interview

Finding a job can be tough. Conducting a job search when you have a disability can present extra challenges.

It's How You Say It: Use of Language

When it comes to resume writing, there is a specific use of language to keep in mind

Dressing for Success in Interviews

The more pre-interview research you do, the better your chances of looking the part

Considering a Career in Venture Capital

If you're interested in money and technology-and the place where they intersect-think about a career in venture capital

How to Establish Your Brand

Here are a few strategies to help you to figure out the definition of your brand

Be Creative in Your Brainteaser Interview

Brainteasers have been given new life and function in consulting, investment banking, and high-tech industry job interviews

What Are I-Banking Interviewers Looking For?

I-banking interviewers look for well-rounded candidates to succeed on many levels

Knowing the Power of Salary Negotiations

Being realistic in your bargaining power is important when trying to obtain your desired salary

30 Ways to Enrage the Boss

Advice and blood boiling stories straight from the boss's mouth

America's Changing Workplace

Diversity enriches American business in surprising ways

Think Outside the Cube: Finding a Career in Consulting

Finding a career in consulting can be tough but recruiters from top management consulting companies make it easier with these interviewing recommendations

How to Prepare Yourself for a Mid-Career Transition

When your once-satisfying job no longer gives you the same enjoyment, it may be time to consider preparing yourself for another, more meaningful pursuit

Making Headhunters Work for You

If you're dissatisfied with a job, seeking a mid-career challenge, or just like to have options at your disposal, an executive recruiter may be the perfect agent of fate

Five Ways to Ruin a Resume

If your resume exhibits any of the following negative traits, it runs a high risk of being tossed in the "no" pile, no matter how strong your qualifications are

Top Ten Things Interviewers Want to See in a Resume

What recruiting insiders want to see reflected in a resume

Interviewees Beware

Nine Things Not to Say in Your Interview

On the Road Again

The perks of business travel are well known, but everyone knows they also come with a price

Tasting Success: A Wine Entrepreneur

Anu Karwa, founder of Swirl Events, stages wine tastings with team building events for comapnies

How to Get the Internship You Want

5 criteria you can use to evaluate a potential internship. an internship, but the benefits don't stop there

Make the Most of Your Internship

Follow these four steps to make your internship a success

Surviving and Thriving in an Interview

Learn the art of interviewing with ten tips to help you be your best

Recipe for an I-Banking Cover Letter

Careful choice of words, tone and aesthetics are essential to creating a great I-banking cover letter

Designing Woman: Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products and User Experience

Marissa Mayer, VP of search products and user experience at Google, took a chance on a small company and gained immeasurable experience and success

Survival of the Fittest: Mastering the Group Interview

8 tips to help you not only survive a group interview, but also stand out

Payback Time: Dealing with Grad School Loans

We've rounded up the experts to help you navigate your debt once your first payments come due six months after graduation

Using Twitter to Build Your Brand

When used effectively, Twitter can be a very handy tool for gathering information and building your personal brand.

LinkedIn Tip: Get With a Group

LinkedIn Groups provide a valuable opportunity to get involved in specific topics related to your brand.

Tix Fix: Launching a Ticket Service

Chris Stanchak, founder of TicketLeap, stresses perseverance everyday

Crisis in the Classroom: The Recession's Impact on MBA Curriculum

Professors at the nation's top MBA programs are updating their courses to address the global financial crisis, and hopefully give students the wherewithal they need to help...

What to Do Before You Accept a Job Offer

No matter how psyched you are to get a job offer, give yourself time to figure out if the offer is right for you

Office Etiquette for the Recent Grad

You're in the real world now, and behaving like an adult (even when you don't feel like one) is crucial to most careers

Create a Winning Cover Letter

Put your best foot forward and send a thoughtful, distinct letter

Running Business

A Philadelphia entrepreneur helps the homeless take a step in the right direction through her nonprofit, Back on My Feet

Music Industry Upstart

Riggs Morales' job is to find the next big thing-which often starts out small

She Can Do It!

Seven rising female entrepreneurs share their secrets to success

Greedy For Green

We talk to hairdresser-turned-entrepreneur Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda, about how to do well and do good at the same time

No Guts, No Glory: Making it as a Young Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial path isn't for the weak of heart: The risks are high--but the rewards can be just as great

Making it in the Music Industry

Will Yip, a self-taught music producer and audio engineer, started his career toiling in his parents' basement and is now touring with Lauryn Hill

College Start-up: CitySlips

This female duo invented a solution to a common footwear problem

Take a Million Dollar Road Trip

Two industrious brothers from New Jersey reinvent the iconic American road trip into a cross-media marketing business

Brian Linton: United By Blue

Brian Linton shares what it takes to start a green career

The Modern Workplace: Flat, Flexible, and Wired Up

The changing shape--and accelerating pace--of the modern workplace

Work from Home: 5 Tips for Breaking Out of the Cube

Consider these tips for asking your boss about working from home

Coming Out

By gauging how gay-friendly a company is and slowly letting the word out, you can keep office drama at a minimum

Confidence Killers

We analyze habits that can weaken your message and undermine your professional goals

Work Friends vs. Real Friends

Don't assume your colleagues are your new best friends just because you take your coffee breaks together

A Fine Balance: Love and Work

Romance develops in the office just like anywhere else. But what leads coworkers to act on their attraction and get involved?

Avoiding Office Email Gaffes

Just because e-mail is an everyday part of life in the office doesn't mean it's something you don't have to think carefully about

Bringing up the Past: The Do's and Don'ts of Salary History

Providing a salary history serves as an early screening tool for recruiters and a strong indicator of what your next salary should be

How to Negotiate from Full Time to Flextime

If you've got skills your employer needs, chances are you can negotiate a flexible job that enables you to work the way you want

Tips on Preparing to Ask for a Raise

Asking for a raise is like any sort of business negotiation, so make sure you don't go in blind

Money Talks

Many new grads are uncertain about how to approach salary expectations in an interview, yet it's important to go in with a plan

Make the Company Meet Your Compensation Needs

Tips to ensure the best results from your salary negotiation

Salary Negotiation Basics

Here are four factors that can increase your perceived worth

When and How to Discuss Salary During an Interview

Learn how to navigate the rocky waters of talking about salary during an interview with the ensuing tips from experts

Grilling Your Interviewer

The best candidates pepper questions throughout an interview, engaging their interviewer in a two-way street of conversation

Open Mouth, Insert Foot: 10 Interview-Killer Questions

If you ask one of these ten questions in an interview, you'll not only look flighty, but also most likely ensure an instant "no"

Tell Me About Yourself

It seems like a simple request, but "tell me about yourself" often trips interview candidates up because of its open-ended nature

The Weakness Question

It's the universal difficulty of answering the question that makes it such a good one--and why your response matters in a job interview

12 Ways to Make a Bad First Impression-and How to Recover

Getting flustered when meeting someone happens to the best of us. The good news is that no matter what goes wrong, it's all about how you recover.

Interviewing Under the Radar

Here's how to keep your desire for greener pastures on the down low

Dealing With Weird Situations In An Interview

Prepare for the worst, and you'll know how to react to the unexpected with grace

Shake It: Business Handshake Etiquette

Research shows a handshake can establish the same rapport that three hours of face-to-face conversation achieves

The Job Reference Game

How to identify, maintain, and reach out to potential references

Mastering the Phone Screening

HR phone screening is not just a formality: it's a first-round interview. Be prepared to make a stellar impression, just as if you were meeting in person.

Portfolios: the Hidden Weapon of Job Seeking

Portfolios allow job candidates to show interviewers what they can do, instead of just telling them about it

Make The Most Of Your Lunch Meetings

Take a few steps to make sure it goes off without a hitch

Misconceptions About Networking

A lot of people avoid networking because they think of it as difficult, distasteful, or even a little sleazy. But these objections are based on several misconceptions.

Get Equipped to Network

As with all major projects, the right tools can make a difference-so the right networking tools will yield the best results

Taking the Plunge: Starting a Networking Conversation

Five key points for your networking dialogue

How to Work a Room

We tagged along with an expert networker to observe her as she demonstrates the art of the schmooze

Going Up? Bring Your Perfect Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch serves as essential personal branding tool at networking events or cocktail parties

Use Your Helicopter (Parent)

Make sure you know when to red light and green light dear old mom and dad's help in the job search

The Rules of Engagement: Impressing Campus Recruiters

Throughout the year, employers deploy recruiters to campuses to scout out the best and brightest. Read these 7 campus recruitment essentials to make the most of their visits.

'Working It: Networking Tips for Students

Learn how and with whom you should be networking before, during, and after your four years in college

How to Make the Best Use of References

You will probably be asked for references at some point before you receive a job offer

Debunking Common Resume Myths

There are several resume myths that continually circulate about creating the "perfect" resume

Liar Liar: Lying on a Resume

Does your resume contain exaggerations? Then listen up because companies may be getting wise to your lies.

Why Your Resume Gets Tossed

Top-level recruiters reveal how these common resume mistakes blow job candidates' chances to get a foot in the door

How to Play Up Sports On Your Resume

Just because you've traded the locker room for the boardroom doesn't mean you should put your glory days behind you altogether

What's Your Objective?

Debating if you should include an objective in your resume? Here's who should have one and how to craft it.

Writing An Entry-Level Resume

Don't sell yourself short on your post-college resume

Solving Common Resume Problems

A career expert takes on five issues that typically arise when crafting a resume

Basic Resume Dos and Don'ts

Give your resume an overhaul. Here are some tips to help you avoid common mistakes while building a stronger, more refined resume.

6 Ways LinkedIn Can Work For You

How to use LinkedIn effectively

Blog Basics: How a Blog Can Boost Your Career

Before you start typing, read these hints for putting together a memorable blog and getting employers to notice your presence in the blogosphere

Who Should Get an MBA--and Who Shouldn't

Before spending your time and money applying to school, you should decide if you really want and need an MBA

Alternative Career Paths for MBAs

As Wall Street attempts to clear the debris of the economic fallout, the nonprofit and public sectors have become an attractive new option for MBAs

Seek a Mentor

How can you turn a hero into a real career advisor? Cultivate a mentor.

Post-Graduation Checklist

You've graduated and are ready to leave ivy halls for the cubical corridors. One small hitch: you need a job.

Doing the Math: Careers in Statistics

The behind-the-scenes analysis that produces usable statistics is vital to making crucial business decisions. And the people who conduct it--statisticians--are in high demand

Should Grad School Be Your Plan B?

If you've recently been laid off or are fresh out of college, you might think now is the time to enroll in grad school to avoid job hunting

Spin Cycle: Rotational Programs

In the past ten years, rotational programs have sprung up as pipelines for talent, quickly grooming new employees for leadership roles

Become A Super Intern

25 ways to turn an internship into a job

Dirt Cheap or Pay Dirt? The Scoop on Unpaid Internships

Before you reject an offer or get suckered into working for nothing and getting nothing out of it, consider the following

Interning as an Experienced Professional

Internships are no longer just for students--experienced professionals can use internships as a tactic for readjusting their career trajectory

Confessions of an Intern

If you're entering the cubicle world this summer, mistakes are bound to happen

Intern Etiquette

Real managers reveal their stories of the most bungling, bumbling, and blundering interns

Defining the Six Most Common Internship Types

If you're aware of the different ways an internship can be structured, you'll be better able to judge which you'll enjoy and profit from the most

Custom Fit: Tailoring Your Internship

Here's how to create an internship that fits your career goals

No Internship? No Problem.

Seven ways to build your resume with an array of experiences and activities beyond the standard internship

Unpaid Internships: No Pay, No Gain?

Eyebrows are raising over the ethics of unpaid internships. See if your unpaid internship fulfills the government's standards

Red Flag Job Offers

If you see one of the following warning signs in a potential job, it's time to take a moment to reevaluate the offer before it's too late

Navigating the Federal Job Application

Jobs with the government are in high demand, and the application process can be complicated

Let 'Em Down Easy

How to turn down a job offer, while still preserving your connection and maintaining your professionalism

Top 5 Things Job Applicants Do That Annoy Hiring Managers

How your behavior might look on the other side of the hiring desk.

Job Search Myths

There are several false beliefs about looking for a job that perpetually circulate and people seem to accept

Ten Creative Places to Find the Hidden Jobs

Here are ten creative places where you may succeed in finding the hidden jobs

Signs of Life: The 2011 Job Market

In recent years, graduating seniors have faced a job market nearing its death throes. But with the U.S. economy in slow-mo recovery, there's hope that 2011 will present hea...

Showtime! Nailing Your Career Fair Performance

Before you attend a career fair, rehearse so you can hit the stage and deliver a confident and memorable performance

Do Majors Really Matter?

An answer to the much-debated question: Does your college major directly connect to your future career

Tweet Yourself to a New Job

Check out these sources of some of our favorite career tweets

Sizing Up Employers: Job Security

7 tips for evaluating a position's lifespan

Write an Enticing LinkedIn Summary

Usually appearing at the top of a profile, your Summary should entice recruiters to read more about what you have to offer

The Do's and Don'ts of Explaining Your Recession Lay-off

To help perfect your approach, here is advice for how you should-and shouldn't-handle the discussion

8 Good and Bad Interview Answers for "We need your Facebook Password."

What would you say if an employer asked you for access to your social media accounts? If you find yourself at a loss for words, try these responses.

Career Benefits of Going Abroad

Five ways going abroad can give you an edge in the job market.

Resume Writers' Insider Tip: Value Proposition

Take your resume to the next level by including a value proposition and nixing the objective.

5 Mistakes You Already Make Before the Job Interview

To set yourself up for interview success, make sure you aren't making these mistakes leading up to your meeting.

Recruiter Role Reversal: Would You Hire You?

To get into the mind of a recruiter, you have to start thinking like one. Keep these 4 resume blunders in mind when judging your own application.

Why a Career Break is Better than Grad School

Burned out from your job? Consider a career break before a graduate degree.

5 Project Management Tips to Optimize Your Job Search

Follow these five project management processes that will organize your job search and get you the results you need.

What You Should Know About Going to Grad School

Thinking of going to grad school? Here's what you can expect to see as you transition from an undergraduate to a graduate program.

Wetfeet Welcomes Doostang.com as New Sister Site

WetFeet is happy to announce that Doostang, one of the largest global career networking platforms for young business professionals, is now our sister site.

The Job Interview Follow-Up: Call Me. Maybe?

Follow these tips about being proactive, but not pushy, when following up after a job or internship interview.

Olympic Tips You Can Apply to Your Job Search

To job hunt like a champ you need to know how a champ works! As the summer Olympics draws near, here's what its athletes can teach you about winning in the job search.

Should You Quit Your Job?

If you can no longer survive in a job you hate, here's what to consider before making your great escape.

Networking Name Game: What To Do When You Forget Names

Here are a few tactful ways to deal with the situation and make you feel less uncomfortable the next time you draw a mental blank.

How to Handle "Curve Ball" Questions in an Interview

When the going gets tough, don't sweat it. Here's how to handle tough interview questions with ease.

5 Things Freshmen Need to Know Before Starting College

Congratulations high school grads for making it through four difficult years. Here's what you need to know now, in order to make it through the next four years of college!

How to Deal With a Promotion

With some careful planning and the following tips, you can lay the right groundwork and ensure that you become a great boss or manager.

Take Your Resume from Mediocre to "Must Interview"

Here are seven steps to build a truly great resume - and their theoretical impact (from the recruiter perspective) on how a resume moves through the decision-making process.

Unusual Jobs And Their Paydays

Certain jobs are so unusual they make us wonder if it's actually something someone gets paid to do. Here are seven legitimate and peculiar jobs along with their salary fig...

Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience

Studying abroad this year? Make sure you heed the following tips before you land on foreign soil.

Lessons from Graduating During a Recession

Grad Meets World blogger shares the lessons she's learned during the recession and what it's going to take for new grads to come out on top.

8 Qualities of Exceptional NEW Employees

Attain the qualities of an exceptional job candidate and employee and make the transition from college life to real world a little easier.

New Grads: A Short Pitch Can Go a Long Way

Don't let your job search make you feel insecure. Here's how a little enthusiasm in your elevator pitch can help build your career and your confidence.

Want To Boost Your Career? Get Some Exercise

Three important reasons why exercise provides the kinds of benefits you need to succeed in your career.

Avoiding Identity Crisis as a Jobless Graduate

Being a jobless grad can cause you to question and doubt yourself-but don't let it get the best of you. Here are some tips to help you find yourself-and a job.

Thinking About Your Interview Can Help You Ace Your Resume

Thinking about how you will answer common interview questions can help you write a stronger resume.

The 5 Defining Moments of Every Job Interview

Show you're prepared and win over your interviewer with the following tips.

How to Avoid Workplace Burnout

Part of your career management strategy should focus on how to avoid burnout and stay effective in your position. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Using Targeted Strategies to Land a Job

Though it can be tempting to take a "shot-gun" approach to your job search, following a targeted strategy projects confidence that appeals to hiring managers.

4 Signs That You May Be an Entrepreneur at Heart

Some of us have a drive for more and you might too. Below you'll find a few signs that you may be an entrepreneur at heart.

10 Lessons From a Working Recent Graduate

One year after her college graduation, our writer reflects on her rollercoaster of a year in the working world. Heed her advice.

The Hidden Job Search Landmine: Corporate Culture Shock

Five steps you can take - before the interview or accepting that job offer - to minimize organizational culture shock.

Behaviors that Tarnish Your Office Reputation - Part 1

Avoid ruining your work reputation by checking these three mistakes at the door.

Relating to Your Coworkers

Here are three speedy and direct ways to find common ground with your elder coworkers.

Top 4 Reasons You May be Seen as Unemployable

Top 4 reasons why recruiters may perceive you - as compared to your job search competition - as unemployable.

Forget What They Told You in School: 3 Tips to Help You Through This Job Market

Now, more than ever, it's up to job seekers to take matters into their own hands and start thinking outside of the box.

Get the Job Skills You Need (That You Didn't Get From Your Degree)

Here are a few things you can do while you're in college or after you graduate to ensure you have every skill you need to succeed in your career.

Surviving in a Job You Hate

Stuck in a job you're not fond of? Here are some tips to help turn your situation-and attitude-around.

The Most Powerful Word in Job Search: Tomorrow

"Tomorrow" can be a powerful word for jobseekers. Just make sure you're not using it to hinder your job search success.

Wake Up! A Morning Motivation Tip

Don't let the worst part of your day be waking up in the morning. Here's how to put a little pep in your step so you leave the house feeling fantastic!

9 Things That Make Your Resume Look Old

Make sure your resume is fresh and modern. You don't want to look like a proverbial dinosaur to prospective employers and recruiters.

How Being a Mentor is Great for Your Career

There was probably a time when you yourself were trying to start you career and someone helped you out. Return the favor and be a mentor. It can help you in the long run too!

Survival 101: How to Be an Adult in the Working World

Even if you were a class act in college, you'll need to adjust your behaviors to the working world. Here's what you need to know.

College Students: Follow Your Passion

Use college as the time to explore your interests and discover what you're passionate about. It could provide you with a clear career direction.

Tips for a Job Interview in a Public Place

Some job interviews may be held outside of the office. Here are our tips to make sure it goes smoothly.

It's Not Lying, It's Marketing: 10 Bad Job Interview Answers

Be careful in the way you word your interview answers. It could be the difference between getting the call back and getting no call at all.

A Surprising Re-Ranking of Business Schools

A new test examines the difference between popular undergraduate university rankings and the reality of what students learn at these institutions.

Advice for Recent College Graduates: Have a Career Back Up Plan

Having a back up plan not only buys you time to find the right job but it also buys you the piece of mind that you'll be able to support yourself while you look.

Relocating: Post-Grad Tips For Making The Move

Relocation after graduation is very common for new college grads. Here's what to consider if you're going to make a move.

Personal Branding Without Purpose: A Job Seeker Black Hole

Three tips to getting the most out of your personal branding efforts

Pace Yourself: How to Handle the Stress of Job Searching

Setting your sights on a new job can be overwhelming. Planning more realistic, short-term goals, will save your sanity during the job search and put you on a smooth path to...

Basic Cover Letter Do's and Don'ts

Cover letters are universally thought of as a pain in the neck to write, but they can really make you stand out in a sea of applicants. Here are some tips to follow.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Blow Your Internship

Getting an internship is a great "in" to a company. Unfortunately, there are many ways to blow your chance at a full-time gig.

5 Ways To Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Here are five ways to use five different social media outlets to empower your job search.

Got the Job? You Still Have to Pass the "Second First Impression"

Not hearing back from an employer after your interview? Your social footprint could be to blame.

Out Of the Ordinary Jobs for Millennials

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you're a new grad and having a hard time landing that first gig, consider trying these peculiar entry-level jobs.

Why a Bachelor's Degree Doesn't Guarantee Your Salary

Three main factors that go into an entry-level salary offer.

How To Follow Up After Sending A Job Application

To follow up or not to follow up, that is the question. Here's our editor's take on the matter.

Unload the Resume Shotgun: 12 Steps to a Targeted Job Search

12 steps to a targeted job search absolutely required to stand out as a great candidate.

Finish Strong: End Your Job Interview on the Right Note

Many people simply shake their interviewer's hand and walk out at the end of an interview. Instead, you should use this opportunity to make an impression.

Job Hunting While Employed? Perfect Your Poker Face

If you're on the prowl for a new position while still employed, mum should be the word. Avoid these sneaky behaviors that will blow your cover.

10 Red Flags Every Young Professional Ignores

Ten red flags you should watch for as you prepare for, and build the foundation of your career.

The Dos and Don'ts of Dating at Work

In honor of Valentine's Day, our editor breaks down what you should and shouldn't do when you start dating a coworker.

The Worst Part Of Networking: Handling a Stalemate

Networking can be frustrating, especially when you're not hearing back from a connection. Here are a few reasons the communication may be lacking.

What NOT to Do on Your First Day at Work

Don't neglect these on the job tips that could make or break you in the eyes of your new employer.

Age is Just a Number: How to Make an Impact

: Just because you're young or inexperienced doesn't mean you can't make an impact in your career. Here are some words of wisdom to motivate you.

Meeting Tips from Google

Here are some quick tips to make the most of your work meetings.

How To Bomb Your Interview In 10 Minutes

Learn how to ace your interview by reading what others have done to bomb their own.

How to Start a Networking Email

Writing an introduction to a networking email takes some finesse. Here are four examples of how to start off on the right foot.

Making Moves: 4 Tips to Master Networking

Four solid tips on networking in the workplace from an unlikely source-Cosmopolitan magazine.

Peace Out! How to Write a Farewell Email to Colleagues

Everyone's seen their fair share of goodbye emails in their inbox. Here are some dos and don'ts for how to write a good one.

Not Getting Job Interviews? Recruiters are Not the Problem!

If you're not getting consistent response from recruiters, then it's up to you to change the situation. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Are Job Seekers Really Using Social Media to Look for Jobs?

We hear all the time how important it is to utilize social media for job searching. Here are some stats about who's doing it.

Four Tips To Make You Happier at Work

For many of us, work is just a way to pay our bills and not a source of happiness. But here are four steps to consider if you want to improve your workplace satisfaction.

Email Disclaimers: What Do You Make of Them?

Are email disclaimers as big a deal as they sound? Or are they all talk and no (legal) action?

Job Tips: How to Deal With A Personal Crisis at Work

If you're going through a time of personal crises, here are some tips for surviving and thriving at work while keeping it professional.

The Job Benefits of the Right Kind of Narcissism

We all have one: the office narcissist. But our overly self-involved colleagues may be on to something-a healthy dose of narcissism can be beneficial to your career.

Advice to a Past Intern: Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Then

In order to make the most of your internship, it's helpful to learn from those who've already been there. Our guest blogger shares what he would have told himself if he cou...

Staffing Agencies: Two Job-Hunters are Better than One

Consider partnering up with a staffing agency for your job search. Here are a few to look into.

How Much Time Should You Spend Job Searching?

There are a lot of myths about how much time you should spend looking for a job. Here's our take.

You've Got the Job but You're Still in College. Now What?

If you're one of the lucky ones who has a job lined up for after graduation, now is not the time to slack off. Prepare for your future life with these three tips.

Hobbies and Interests on Your Resume: A Do or a Don't?

Do interests and hobbies have a place on your resume? One author thinks of them as "secret clubs" and keys to getting jobs.

Is Your Resume a Mirror or a Window? Success in 3 Steps

Follow this 3-step process to help assess and sell your skill set - and create a great first impression with recruiters!

3 Ways to Get Inspired Right at Your Desk

You may be overlooking the number one way to inspire creativity at work: personalizing your workspace.

Get a Job Through Social Media

More and more Americans are getting their jobs through social media. How are they doing it? Read on.

Rise Above the Feud: How to Deal with a Difficult Coworker

We can't choose who we work with, and a clash with a coworker may happen. Here's how to deal.

Standing Up for Cyber Professionalism

What if a professional contact is posting inappropriate photos on Facebook or authoring off-color tweets? Should you cut ties?

10 Ways to Suppress College Senioritis

As the end of the year rolls around, college seniors should make sure they're staying on track and preparing for life after college.

Top Jobs for Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an in-demand skill-in the classroom and in the working world. But what is it, and is it a necessity for your chosen profession?

Your Degree Alone Won't Get You a Job: A Career Plan Checklist

Here's a year-by-year breakdown of what you need to do to increase your chance to be employed after graduation.

Make the Most of Your Work Meetings

Meetings--we love to hate 'em. But they are necessary in virtually every work environment, so make sure they run smoothly.

5 Tips to Craft a Rockin' College Resume

There are plenty of helpful articles about how to fill an entry-level resume, but here's some advice on how to format, edit, and get feedback on it.

Start the Year Off Right with a Resume Rewrite

An MBA graduate and recruiter offers a word to the wise: Revise.

5 Keys to a Successful Career Path

In order to be successful in your career, make sure you keep in mind these tips from wine specialist and social media expert, Gary Vaynerchuk.

No Holiday Bonus This Year? You're Not Alone

January 1st has come and gone, and many employees haven't received a year-end bonus. Here are the cold hard facts on holiday bonuses and their history.

No Excuse for No Experience: Four Foolproof Ways to Fill Holes in Your Resume

There are many relatively painless ways to remove the "no experience" void in your resume. On the 1 to 5 scale, here's a look at the best options available.

Out With the Old, In With the New: 3 Resume Trends

New year, new resume. Here are three trends we've been reading about when it comes to updating your resume.

4 Career To-Dos Before Ringing in the New Year

For career success in 2012, try out a few tips before the calendar turns over to the new year.

3 LinkedIn Profile Settings You Probably Don't Know About but Probably Should

Guest Blogger Joshua Waldman shares his expert knowledge of how you can be better utilizing LinkedIn to get noticed by recruiters.

An Elf's Cover Letter

Ever wonder what an application to work in Santa's workshop would look like? Here's your answer.

Why You Should Have a Job in College

Holding down a job while you're still an undergrad gives you great experience before you embark on your post-college, full-time position-not to mention a few other perks.

5 Things to Do On Your Holiday Time Off

Here are a few ways to use your time off from work or school wisely.

Holiday Out of Office Message Etiquette

Out of office messages are vital in the business world. Here's how to craft one around the holidays, or any other time of year.

Training On The Job: Ask About Your Options

Advancing your skills and education is always a smart career move. Here's how to ask your employer about on-the-job training and tuition reimbursement.

Email Etiquette Advice From an Unlikely Source

Career advice can come from where you least expect it. It's not only career experts who can provide professional insights.

Handling Rejection After the Job Interview

Don't let a job rejection get you down. Here's some advice on what your course of action should be after you're turned down for a position.

Breaking Down the Best Work Music Genres

In the WetFeet office, we all have earbuds plugged in for the majority of the day. But what kind of tunes will make you the most productive? We find out.

What is a Core Competency?

Our editor researches this common management and recruiting phrase and explains why it's crucial to know an organization's core competencies before you interview.

Career Insight--and a Book Review

Here's a suggestion of a good book which makes you take a critical look at your career, and how you approach career decisions.

Overwhelming Your Interviewer

There are some questions you should obviously avoid in an interview, but is it possible to ask too many questions? A warning for the overly inquisitive and overeager.

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Coworkers

Figuring out what to give your coworkers during the holidays can be difficult. Here are a few clever ideas to get your gift-giving wheels churning.

Relieving Neck Strain at Work

Sitting at a desk all day can take its toll on your posture and body. Our editor researches some tactics to relieve neck tension.

Workplace Trend: Reverse Mentoring

Many companies are investing in reverse mentorship programs, which pair executives with tech-savvy millennial employees.

The Importance of Asking Questions in an Interview

The 411 on why asking questions in an interview is important, and what it says about you as a candidate.

Tips to Help Retouch Your Resume

Are you happy with your resume? Odds are it could use a few tweaks-but not so many that it doesn't resemble you.

December WetFeet Contest: Give us your best advice!

Think you can dish out career advice like us here at WetFeet? That's what our December contest is all about!

What Was Your First Job?

We all start somewhere--even billionaires like Warren Buffett and Oprah Winfrey. Our editor takes a look at six billionaires' first jobs.

Checking Your Work Email on Holidays? You're Not Alone.

Step away from your email inbox and towards the holiday ham. A new study reveals how often people check their work email on the holidays, and we offer some tips to break th...

Five Tips to Be Taken Seriously at Work

Putting your best foot forward at work is important-and that foot better not be in a sneaker. Here are a few tips how to look and act like an executive, even if you're entr...

Give Thanks You Don't Have These 7 Jobs

This Thanksgiving, be grateful you don't have one of these crummy jobs.

Seven Common Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interview questions are all the rage in interviews nowadays. Here are seven common behavioral questions you'll likely be asked.

When the Interviewer Is the Issue

Despite all your best efforts, sometimes a job interview can go awry because of the interviewer. Here are some tips to get your interview back on track.

Learning on the Job and Making It Last

There's a difference between learning simple tasks on the job and really retaining information. Our editor shares four strategies to retain information.

Extracurricular Activities on Your Resume

Your entry-level resume doesn't have to be all about your GPA and past work experience. Consider showcasing a few of your extracurricular activities.

Dealing With Sickness On The Job

Our editor battles an unfortunate illness and ponders the effectiveness of sick days when you need to meet a deadline.

Stumped in an Interview? Show Your Thought Process

We learn from recruiters that in a job interview, your thought process can often trump your actual responses.

How Twitter Can Help Your Career

Don't underestimate Twitter as a valuable source of career advice. Check out our recommendations of whom you should be rubbing cyber elbows with.

Loyalty on the Job: What if a Coworker Quits?

Think of someone vital to your career success. What if that person left her job? How would you react?

4 Most Important College Considerations

Picking a college is hard, whether you're in high school or you're transferring. Here are four things that every student should consider when choosing a college.

4 Ways to Boost Energy at Work

Feeling sluggish at work? You're not alone. Employers are now working with employees to help them feel rejuvenated on the job. Follow these tips to increase workplace produ...

Another Way to Answer the Weakness Question

Our editor explores the importance of being self-aware when uncovering your weaknesses in preparation for your next job interview.

Job Search Tips: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Job searching in today's market means you need to get creative. Here's some advice for what works-and what doesn't.

Salary Surprises For People Working In the Arts

Artists are entrepreneurs, too, and though creative salaries might be higher than expected, there's more to consider.

Accepting a Job Offer? Ask About the Perks.

Before accepting a job offer, Generation Y is asking about computing devices, work hours, and access to social media during the workday.

Creating a Productive Home Office

Creating a spiffy work environment at home can be difficult-especially if you're living in a studio apartment, and your desk doubles as your vanity and T.V. stand.

How to Address Your (Professional) Elders

In the business world, should you ever call your superiors "Mr." or "Mrs."? We find out.

Bad Boss? Time to Assess Your Happiness

Don't let a bad work environment become a nightmare.

Office Comfort: Adjusting Your Workplace Space

Our editor argues that changes to your home make you more productive at work.

Find Your Career Mentor

When it comes to having a successful career, identifying a mentor can prove invaluable-especially for women.

Critiquing the Origins of Job Interviewing

Interviewing: So easy a caveman can do it, right? Wrong. Here's our assessment of where one Neanderthal went wrong.

Crying on the Job

Our editor explores what crying on the job says about you, and how to recover from it.

Introducing Yourself on the Job

Not sure how to break the ice your first day at the office? Here are four ways to help you say hello and make a great first impression.

Expanding Your Skillset through a New Area of Study

Consider taking a class outside your comfort zone or required course load-it could positively affect your career trajectory.

5 Things College Students Should Do Before They Graduate

Make your four years at college work to your advantage. Getting involved in the following activities will prepare you for life after graduation and give you an edge on the ...

Job Interviewing: A Lot Like Speed Dating

We've all heard interviewing is a lot like dating, but our editor explains the analogy even further-and how to make sure you're picking the right date-er, company.

Interview Prep: Identifying a Strength vs. a Skill

Make sure you're not flubbing your answer in this omnipresent interview question.

Acceptable Behavior at Your Office Happy Hour

If you're new to the office happy hour scene, follow these guidelines to make sure your clean reputation isn't tainted by common happy hour blunders.

Milestones and Assessing Your Job Performance

However many years or months you've been at a job, a little self-assessment can help to give some new perspective.

Easy Office Exercises

Missing much needed gym time due to long hours at work? Try these exercises right in your office.

Tattoos in the Workplace

As tattoos become more conventional in the workplace, one blogger explores tattoo acceptance from different industry perspectives.

Feeling Isolated? Break Out of the Office Bubble

While earbuds at work are great for concentration, you could be contributing to the lack of cooperative spirit that makes teams effective

Office Etiquette: Sickness in the Workplace

With so many employees heading to work sick, it's important to take these measures to ensure you don't end up as the coworker who got everyone sick.

Bringing Dogs to the Office

A seven-step plan to reaping all of the benefits of bringing your dog to the office -- without pissing off your coworkers.

Gen Yers Aren't 'Lost' in the Job Market

Providing more stats on the tough job market isn't doing anything to motivate Gen Y job seekers. Instead, let's talk about opportunities.

Asking for Feedback After a Failed Job Interview

Don't hesitate to follow up if you don't get the job. If your interviewer is willing to give honest feedback, the advice you get could be career gold

The Best Way to Commute: Hardly At All

Amazed at a friend's willingness to commute two hours roundtrip for a job, one blogger answers the question: Who does that!?

Have You Noticed? We've Made Some Changes!

Our website manager gives a brief update on new changes to the career advice site, including salary information, blogger profiles, Insider Guide discounts, and more.

Work-Life Balance: Fitting Social Media In

Four tips to resist the urge and prevent websurfing from cutting into the time you spend at work on, well, work.

The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Job Interview Answers

A book about the links between personality and word use has one editor digging deep to find out how your word choice might impact your job interview.

Office Etiquette: Case of the Missing Sandwich

To avoid the glaring and disapproving eyes of co-workers whenever you break out your afternoon meal, make sure to follow the rules of lunch etiquette.

Think Before You Send

Be respected for your tactfulness. Here's how to write professional emails that make good impressions.

True Life: Coping Without TV and Internet

An internet-free apartment leaves one blogger to consider how media fits into her every day life.

Tips to Help Prepare You for Your Video Interview

Video interviews are on the rise. To prevent you from making the same mistakes I've made on less important video calls, here are some tips to ensure your successful webcam ...

Boy Meets World - the "Real World"

Graduating doesn't give you a free pass to lounge around the house all day. Boost your energy and productivity with the following tips.

Practice Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

Practice makes perfect and with a strong elevator pitch, you'll be armed with the most relevant and revealing facts about yourself.

It's Not Personal. It's Strictly Business.

Navigating the business world can be tough. To achieve that bottom line, sometimes it pays to develop a thick skin.

Fired by Phone? I Thought We Were Closer Than That

We all know you shouldn't break up with someone via phone call. So why shouldn't the same rule apply to lay-offs and firings in the professional world?

LinkedIn Strategies: Don't Be Afraid to Show Your Whole Self

Get tips on how to show a complete version of yourself-and let your qualities shine-using the Interests field on LinkedIn.

Job Testing: Prep For Your Assessment

Test-taking doesn't end after school. Here's the scoop on pre-hire assessments and tips to help you prepare.

Philanthropy and the Job Search: Show How Much You Care

Don't put those volunteer experiences on the resume chopping block just yet! Some recruiters value a passion for giving back as much as academic success.

Guidance for Parents and Their Graduates

After a just a few months in the workforce, our intern has advice to share. Here are some tips to guide your grad smoothly into the workforce.

Taking a Stand at Work (Literally)

As workplaces start offering standing room only conference rooms and work stations, one editor asks, "What will this mean for my high heels and ergonomically correct chair?"

Don't Let Your Major Define Your Future

A bit of career advice for students and professionals who think they have to pick and stick with one area of expertise-from college to retirement

Lowering the Pressure at Career Fairs

Career fairs can be a high-pressure situation. Follow our editor's advice for how to calm your nerves and land a job.

Networking in College

Just because you're a student doesn't mean you shouldn't be networking. Here are four places to start.

Who's Inspiring You?

Instead of choosing to let our coworkers bug us, why don't we seek inspiration from them?

Post-Vacation Blues: Adjusting Back to the Daily Grind

It's not easy transitioning from beach side to cubicle bound. Here are three tips about how to cope after returning to work from vacation.

LinkedIn Recommendation Best Practices

Advice on why you should think before you mutally recommend on LinkedIn.

10 Gift Ideas for the College Grad

Practical, career-related items don't just make good graduation party gifts-they can be useful for recent grads all year round.

Want To Be Memorable? Be Specific.

Remembering details is critical to making a great impression during your job search and career. Find out how even a conversation about the weather can make you stand out.

Assessing Workplace Culture

Often times, the most enjoyable (or hated) part of working at a company can be its culture. Here are some ways to assess a company's culture during the interview.

Making Career Decisions You Won't Regret

Our web manager learns the value of thinking before acting in emotionally trying times at work-and in life.

The Gap Year: Take It Seriously and Plan Wisely

Taking time off after college to explore and pursue other interests is becoming an increasingly popular trend, just make sure it works to your advantage.

Do Your Pre-Interview Research

As it turns out, recruiters actually want candidates to Google them before their job interview. It's how you use the background info you found out that matters.

How to Keep Learning After College

Our editor, and recent college grad, shares what she does to expand her knowledge base and keep herself academically stimulated post-graduation.

Is Gen Y Trashing or Updating the Modern Workplace?

As millennials begin to show their influence the workplace, the stereotypes associated with them continue to stir up controversy.

Viral Spiral: Video Resume Pros and Cons

Creating a video resume to show off your personality? It may be just the edge you need to win over recruiters. That is, when it's done well.

Think Creative Job Ideas Are a Joke? Not So Fast.

When a defeated Gen Y blogger made light of the current job market by suggesting outrageous jobs, he only did a disservice to my creative, able generation.

Recruiting Moves Off-Campus

As recruiters are forced to cut costs, their focus on online resources grows. That might mean it's time to upgrade your job hunting strategy.

Be Proud of Your Digital Age Upbringing

Here's one reason to be thankful that you swapped climbing trees for gaming as a child: Job seekers who grew up using computers are highly sought after by recruiters.

Email Signature Etiquette

Just because you have 13 certifications, three degrees, a headshot, and a fondness for purple font doesn't mean you should include any of it in your email signature.

You Got the Job! Now Save That Dough

Don't wait until your first 'account overdrawn' notice from the bank to start making smart spending decisions. Start with these five tips to stretch your paycheck.

Creative Skills Can Be Universal Ones

After meeting someone with a master's degree in voice and job in science, one editor (and singer) emphasizes the value of creative skills across all industries.

Why It's Important to be Positive at Work

If you feel like you're being a negative Nancy in your workplace, here are 5 tips to help yourself perk up!

Smooth Rider: Your 10 Commuting Essentials

If you're new to the commuting world, check out this list of helpful items to include in your bag or briefcase to make your trips to and from work a little smoother.

Dress To Impress When Networking

After attending a recent networking event, one WetFeet editor realizes it's about time to address the all-important question: What should you wear?

Brace Yourself! Prep For The Entry-Level Salary Discussion

Whether or not you've nailed down a job offer, knowing your worth before sealing the deal can make all the difference.

Stop the Madness! A Less Trigger-Happy Approach to LinkedIn

Approach LinkedIn the way you would real-life networking to stop annoying people and start making the kind of first impressions that lead to great professional relationships.

Boiling Down Your Online Bio

Setting a word limit as you craft a personal bio or a summary for your LinkedIn page will help you focus on the qualities and experience that really capture who you are.

Use Your Vacation Days Wisely-Or Not?

After reading about companies that are getting creative with their vacation policies, we here at WetFeet couldn't help but daydream of the many ways we'd use that precious ...

Protect Your Privacy: My Facebook Lesson Learned

Think adjusting your Facebook privacy settings is enough to keep future employers from seeing your digital dirt? Think again!

Building Your Own Website: Four Steps to Getting Started

Learn from our website manager's mistakes and she sets out to create a simple, professional website that enhances her personal brand.

Networking Like a Natural

Forcing a connection with a handshake and business card can only get you so far, but making the effort to know someone on a deeper level will naturally find you more success.

Coming Soon: New Career and Industry Profiles on WetFeet

We're developing a new section for career and industry research and want to know what our WetFeet visitors would like to see.

To Avoid Career Hell, Consider Your Strengths and Passions

By letting others choose your career, you could end up on a path to career hell. Instead, consider your strengths and passions from the get-go.

Five Components of a Great Networking Card

If you don't have a job title or care to share the one you have to your contacts, try a networking card instead. When done right, one small card can make a big impact on yo...

Signing Off: Reinventing Work-Life Balance

Finding the right work-life balance can be challenging with all the technology at our disposal. Are we ever able to turn work off at the end of the day?

Know When to Ditch the Suit! Individuality in an Interview

Depending on the company to which you're applying, untraditional interview attire may be the right way to go.

Sparks: The Newest Addition to Your Career Research Toolbox

How one Google+ feature feeds you the information needed to keep up with the news, do industry research, engage your professional network, and more.

A Closer Look Into the Meaning of Emotional Intelligence

Unlike an IQ test, answers to questions testing your emotional quota can't be derived from logical or analytical ability

Standard Skills for Odd Jobs

Whatever tool you're working with on a day-to-day basis, it's worth considering how you might apply traditional skills in a non-traditional setting.

Job Reference Roundup for the College Student

No matter what type of job you're applying for, it's likely that you'll be required to submit a list of references

Don't Trust the Higher-Ups? You're Not Alone

Steps every job seeker can take to assess a potential employer's higher-level management

Intern Error: Dealing with Mistakes in the Workplace

Learning is essential to a good internship experience, but nobody wants that learning to come from a mistake. Our intern shares her tips for a safe recovery.

The Entry-Level Dilemma: To Be Responsible or Party On

Now that you're working a fulltime job, it might be time to start making decisions with your career in mind

Google+ Circles: What it Means for Your Personal Brand

How the Circles feature on Google+ changes the way we manage our personal brands - and our careers

Behave Yourself: How to Master the Behavioral Interview

Understand the purpose behind behavior-based questions and how to develop an answer to some of the most important job interview questions

What Kind of employee Will You Be?

Knowing yourself doesn't require five- to 10-years of professional experience-just a little introspection

Job Performance: Creative Skills on Your Resume

Even if you never dance ballet or pick up the oboe ever again, there's a place for non-traditional skills on your resume and in your job search.

Interview Hazing: Don't get fazed.

You may never have all the right answers, but the trick is not knowing the questions beforehand; it's knowing yourself

Sending a Thank You Gift? No, Thank You

Before you dial up Edible Arrangements, consider what kind of message sending a gift after an interview conveys

Accept or Reject? Friending Coworkers on Facebook

Essentially, we have two options: We can accept our coworkers' friend requests and censor what we say and do, or we can reject them. Here's what I did.

Hey WetFeet Visitors, What's your Story?

The more we know about you, the more we can do to help you plan an awesome career.

Back to the Future: For High-Tech Jobs, Look to the Past

Don't overlook a given industry just because it doesn't have a sexy reputation.

Careers and Industries Overview

Learn about trends, markets, major players, and jobs in leading industries. Learn about requirements, career tracks, the job outlook, and compensation in these careers.

The How-To Guide to Creating Your Own Internship

Creating your own internship can be difficult but by doing so, job seekers have the ability to reap many rewards. Find out why creating your own internship is a great idea ...

How to Contact Recruiters During the Job Search

Unlike conversations with alumni from your school or another personal contact at a company, emails and connections with recruiters must take a different approach.

5 Common Resume Errors You're Probably Making

The average job seeker makes 1.5 grammar mistakes on a resume. These five are the ones that occurred most often.

How To Approach Different Types Of Job Interviews

There are many different types of job interviews aside from the generic face-to-face and as a job seeker, you should be prepared for any situation. Get familiar with these ...

Home Field Advantage: Networking Through Parents

Through personal or social networking relationships, most parents have associates just a phone call or email away who can dramatically improve the chances of you getting a ...

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile for the Job Search

With its recent changes, LinkedIn places more emphasis on the person than it ever has. Read below for tips on how to optimize your profile for the job search.

How to Land a Job in New York City

Do you dream of landing a job in New York City? Here are a few tips to ensure your NYC job search experience is a positive one.

3 Ways to Turn Job Hopping from a Negative to a Positive

It’s better to proactively clobber any negative preconceptions a potential employer might have about your job hopper status before you are knocked out of the running.

8 Tips for a Smooth Transition into a New Job

Don’t sweat the small stuff — keep in mind your first 90 days are usually a transitional period for finding your footing. Here are eight tips for creating a smooth transiti...

Millennials: Do You Like the Young Professional You See in The Mirror?

Are you sabotaging your career by fitting into Millennial stereotypes? Take a look at your young professional self in the mirror… Do you see any of the following behaviors ...

7 Career Benefits of a Strong Network

The benefits to establishing a strong network for your career are seemingly endless. Here are just a few to consider if you’re looking to boost your career with the foundat...